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Corporate Reports

Our most recent corporate reports are located below. Visit the Corporate Report Document Library to view the full list of reports.


Annual Reports

TransLink's Annual Reports highlight the accomplishments of each fiscal period. The Reports are prepared under the direction of the Board of Directors. Each report contains performance measures, selected by the Board, as well as a consolidated Financial Report.

Read the 2013 Annual Report...

Business Plans

External Audits & Reviews

There were three external audits/reviews of TransLink's operations in 2012:

Financial and Performance Reports



People Report

Statutory Annual Reports

TransLink Financial Information Act Filing and Remuneration

TransLink recognizes the need to be open and transparent, including providing online its annual Financial Information Act filing, TransLink and operating companies' remuneration, and an executive compensation summary. Reports for years before 2012 are available in the document library.

2012 Reports

TransLink's History